Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deceit, Lies, and Politics

I think we are going to have to take Eliot Spitzer’s name off the short-list for Vice President, even though the former New York Governor is now looking for a new job. An anonymous source identified Spitzer to The New York Times as “client-9,” named in a federal investigation of a high-priced international prostitution ring. According to papers filed in Manhattan federal court, clients of the Emperors Club VIP paid prostitutes $1,000 to $5,500 per hour. Spitzer reportedly had an encounter with VIP employee “Kristen,” in Washington, D.C., during a trip to testify before Congress. Spitzer issued his public confession in the classic political posture. Standing at his side was his wife Silda, the mother of his three teen-age daughters. Charge for an hour with "Kristen" $4,300. The look on Mrs. Spitzer’s face, as the credit-card ad says, priceless.

Spitzer made his political reputation as an anti-corruption public prosecutor and straight-arrow. When he was elected Governor of New York, he promised: “In a Spitzer administration, the road to responsive and responsible government will begin on Day One.” Day One? Day One? This reminds me of something. Don’t tell me. It’s on the tip of my tongue. Anyway. What is it about elected officials? Ok, maybe politicians have not cornered the market for lies and hypocrisy. Let’s put it this way, build yourself a façade of family values for your recreational lechery to lurk behind. In the heat of the election, win at all cost, damn democracy and the will of voters. Newspapers, magazines, and television pontificate about their dedication to reporting facts, even while they excitedly ignore facts in favor of a fight. Then there are the grocery store tabloids. I notice this week, the front-page headlines at the check-out counter report without a hint of doubt, caution, or even a source that Senator Barack Obama is a womanizer, is gay, and his best friend is a terrorist.

Finally, the on-line magazine Slate has a fun delegate calculator of the Democratic race for nomination as President. You can plug in your own guesses and projections for the results of remaining primaries. If Obama wins Pennsylvania with 60 percent to 40 percent for Hillary, Obama jumps way ahead in delegates. If Hillary wins Pennsylvania with 60 percent of the vote, historically considered a landslide, Obama is still ahead in delegates, because of the proportional allocation. In fact, if you plug in a 60-40 win for Hillary in each and every primary yet to be held, Obama still comes out ahead in delegates. So, what does Senator Clinton have in mind to accomplish? The math does not work in her favor. Bring on the cut-throat lawyers. Bring on the political bulldozers and crane-operators. Just hand the election to the Republicans on a silver platter. It is the easiest way for them to win. While Bill was busy offering Hillary’s Democratic rival for the nomination a seat in the back of the bus, Hillary was inexplicably endorsing Senator John McCain as ready to be Commander-in-Chief on Day One. Oh, that’s where I have heard that phrase. Maybe McCain will offer Hillary an opportunity to run as his Vice-President.

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