Monday, July 14, 2008

Democrats against Chambliss

Georgia Democrats get to go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for someone to have the honor of ending the political career of Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss. This is a noble venture, since Sen. Chambliss was elected by shameful and not even veiled suggestion that the prior occupant of that office, Max Cleland, was not patriotic enough. How many arms and legs does a Democrat have to leave in Vietnam to make the Republicans ashamed of themselves?

On the Democratic primary ballot for this sweet revenge are Dale Cardwell, former Atlanta TV newsman; Vernon Jones, DeKalb County CEO; Rand Knight, Ecologist & Business Executive; Josh Lanier, a former aide to Sen. Herman Talmadge; and Jim Martin.

Cardwell is a familiar face on Atlanta television, having worked for WSB-TV as an investigative journalist. Perhaps this accounts for polls suggesting he leads all Democrats against Chambliss. Cardwell himself claims he leads his other Democratic primary contenders among voters who say they support Barack Obama. Dale says, “I'm honored and humbled with the continued support of Georgia's likely voters. It shows the special interests and insiders might control the lion's share campaign cash, but they don't control me, and they don't control the people of Georgia

Vernon Jones, the current CEO of DeKalb County, says, “I believe Georgia needs a conservative democrat in the United States Senate.” He reportedly voted for George Bush for President, but “I share your concerns with the direction in which our country is going,” he says. “I believe in a strong defense and unconditional support of our armed forces no matter where they are deployed."

Atlanta native Rand Knight vows to be a true champion for hardworking Georgians. An ecologist, technology consultant and entrepreneur, Knight claims experience in agriculture, the environment, alternative energy, and economic development. A self-styled mainstream progressive, he says he “is committed to keeping the special interests and the divisive partisanship out of the legislative process.”

The website for Josh Lanier of Statesboro calls itself “The Un-Campaign.” He served in the Army in Vietnam and visited Vietnam again as a congressional staffer for Georgia Sen. Herman Talmadge. As a businessman, Lanier has been a consultant on water treatment, reuse, and safety standards. He is also a writer.

Jim Martin served many years in the Georgia legislature and as head of the Georgia Department of Human Resources under two Governors, one a Democrat, the other a Republican. He was later a candidate for Governor. He is also a veteran of the war in Vietnam. Critical of the Presidency of George W. Bush, Martin has been endorsed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The safe bet is that this election will likely result in a runoff because of the crowded field of candidates. My bet is Martin and Jones will go head to head. Cynthia Tucker of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution believes the presence of Jones on the ballot in the general election could negatively impact Barack Obama’s prospects in Georgia.

Copyright 2008 by William C. Cotter


JWHibbert said...

Jim Martin is a true public servant. For years I saw him in downtown Atlanta pursuing justice for people who could not begin to afford a lawyer. I know people that he has helped, just because it as right to do so.

Vernon Jones stood in my church and introduced some woman to me as his "wife". Later found that he was not married at all. I just can't stand a liar.

Luther said...

Don't gloat over your prediction that it would be Martin and Jones in the runoff. Everybody in Georgia knew that except the three people who were running against them.


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