Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Old Guys at The Waffle House in Hapeville

You never know what you might overhear at the Waffle House. Two old guys sat at a booth by the front window. They huffed and puffed like characters in a Hemingway story remembering the great DiMaggio.

“Pavarotti is not the only one who ever lived. Placido Domingo is my favorite.”

“Placido Domingo won the Birgit Nilsson prize. A million dollars, provided by her will. He was her own first choice.”

In my youth, I used to call her Beer Gut Nilsson. Like those who say it isn’t over till the fat lady sings.

Here is a link to the story covering the prize.

Here is a link to a you tube of Birgit Nilsson singing Puccini.

Here is one of Placido Domingo singing Puccini.

And here is one of Luciana Pavarotti singing Puccini.

Who cares if DiMaggio is better than Domingo or Pavarotti better than Provolone. Just listen. Maybe you will wake up one morning deaf, and you’ll kick your own butt.

How about this one? Luciana Pavarotti singing a duet with his father. Can you imagine the Papa Pavarotti household?


Jolie said...

Thank you, Bill! This was wonderful listening to these fantastic voices!


marcia said...

Perhaps those of us who cannot carry a tune should not lament but rather consider that our portion of musical talent was instead given to those who had the ability to put it to its best use. I thank the esteemed artists, and my beloved aunt, who sang the notes I could not.


Tina said...

I do love music and do so wish that my appreciation for opera was more developed. Any time I have been to an opera I start wiggling in my seat about half way through.
My friend Nancy and her late hubby Jim were both singers and such devout opera fans that they would actually take the score with them.
Of course I have a hard time sitting through a movie too. It's an aesthetic defect in my wiring, I fear.

J. Pascal said...

Many people do not realize what a cultural center Hapeville is... The Hapeville Philharmonic is renowned throughout Stewart Ave and into Buttermilk Bottom... it's lead fiddle player ( excuse me....first violinist, "Yassuh" Hy Fitz is recognized nationally for his extraordinarie ability with a bow and a tire tool. It's upcoming season will feature works of Mozart, Beethoven and Lynwood Skinner, a local composer and soda jerk! SeriousGacky

wayne said...

Amazing, huh!

It'd be hard to decide between Domingo and Pavorotti. They have/had such different talents.

Anonymous said...

Particularly enjoyed the father and son duet from the Pavarottis.

Paw Paw Bill said...

Me, too. The other old guy at the Waffle House sent it to me.


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