Sunday, September 2, 2012

2012 Politics Stranger Than Fiction

Nobody will believe this.  On the other hand, maybe somebody will.  Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from the Committee to Re-elect Barack Obama (CREBO) asking me to speak at the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

I have decided to concentrate on the Republican campaign of the Big Lie, historically favored by despots.  If repeated loud enough and often enough, nobody can remember the truth anymore.  Here are my talking points:

Mohammed Ali, the greatest, three time heavyweight champ, famous for his rope-a-dope boxing strategy, nonetheless made a federal case out of refusing induction into the Army during the Vietnam War, when he could have quietly accepted VIP assignment as a morale booster to the troops, giving exhibitions and chatting up the less fortunate.

President Obama has adopted a rope-a-dope re-election strategy.  Let the GOP loonies have their say, which will scare hell out of the 5 % of the electorate that will cast the deciding votes in the presidential election.  Romney surrogates in charge of the Republic Convention were not as stupid as they allow themselves to appear.  They  latched on to hurricane Isaac 657.61 miles away  as an excuse to abbreviate their convention,  thus reducing the network television exposure for details of the party platform and opportunities for every mis-speaking favorite-son nutcase to alienate another segment of the all-important five percent.

Here is the fire I want to light under the CREBO strategy.  If Republican nominee Mitt Romney is elected President, he will raise the age for medicare elegibility to septuagenarianism and replace the system with vouchers redeemable at gambling casinos owned by Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump, et al in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the Mississippi Gulf Coast, free drinks and buffet included.  Romney will follow his vice president Paul Ryan’s proposal to convert Social Security to private retirement accounts with Wall Street investment managers too big to fail without a government bailout and an infusion of funds for well-earned company bonuses.   

Corporate business tycoon Romney, who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, even if his father owned American Motors and was Governor of Michigan, wants to repeal the minimum wage and institute wage and price controls to cut workers salaries, while allowing prices to rise steadily to meet corporate profit goals.  Romney’s economy promises to add 12 million new jobs, paying anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar an hour, part time only, no benefits,  no jeopardy to your eligibility for food stamps.

Romney acknowledges that President Obama hunted down Osama bin Laden and dumped him in the deep blue sea but claims the President takes too much credit just because the buck stops at the Oval Office. Remember, Romney was in charge of the committee that saved the city of Sallt Lake from humiliation of failing to sell enough tickets to the Olympics.  

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Tina said...

Well said, Bill. Here's what I think will happen. I think the Dems have some political ammo that they are not going to release until closer to election day. I am counting on an October Surprise. I imagine they have some smart folks researching every angle of Romney's business career.


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