Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why Argue?

I try not to argue with people who:

--Know less about the subject than I do.

--Vote against everything I vote for.

--Have not lived long enough.

--Do not know the difference between a fact and a wish.

--Need to watch horror movies to experience fear.

--Are still learning the basics.

--Have more money than I do.

--Have less money than I do.

--Are taking mind-altering substances.

--Should be taking mind-altering substances.

--Have not read a book since school let out.

--Do not have children, pets, or other dependents.

--Won’t eat something they can not spell.

Who else is there?


Lorraine Kirkland said...

So true...
So true...
Thank you for saving me from a futile argument, today.
Maybe, I'll remember tomorrow, too!

Tommy said...

The truth about facts is you can prove anything with statistics, both sides of the same coin, at the same time. I don't blame the cartoon character for being suspicious of the facts.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

My rule is simple: don't argue with idiots because first they'll drag me down to their level and then beat me with experience.


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