Friday, March 28, 2008

Georgia Blog Carnival # 32

What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Did you ever invite people over for a dinner party, plan the menu, shop for the special groceries, lay everything out, slice, dice, and marinate, only to find that your stove had died? Then maybe you will understand how I felt last week when my computer crashed, and it looked fatal, on the very day my debut to host the Georgia Blog Carnival was announced. Or is it Georgia Carnival of Bloggers. Or Georgia Carnival? Fortunately, my family computer expert Lynn was able to save my pride and reputation. She is also Mommie of four-year-old Chance, the one who actually calls me "Paw Paw Bill."

While you are reviewing these bloggers, I encourage you to please leave comments. Agree or disagree. Applaud or boo. These bloggers have gone to the trouble of posting, and you have gone to the trouble of reading. Evidence is welcome of your visit other than just footprints and cookies. Also, my personal opinion is that I am not a big fan of "anonymous." It is so, how should I put it, anonymous. At least make up a name. Sleepless in Seattle. Hungry in Budapest. Stuffed in Turkey. Something.

Welcome to the March 28, 2008 edition of the Carnival for Georgia Bloggers.

Reads and Writes of Spring

Terrell presents EEA 2008: Butterfly Conservation, posted at Alone on a Limb, his report from the annual conference of the Environmental Educators Alliance of Georgia recently held in the hills of Helen.

Splitcat Chintzibobs presents The World Is Too Much With Me: A Visit to John's Mountain and Keown Falls, posted at The Ohoopee Letter News. Add these to your list of pristine North Georgia wonders.

Tina presents, a spring garden tour through the lens of her camera at Grandma Tina's Photos.

Felicia Haywood presents spring flowers from magnificant middle Georgia and faux cow, about a confused dog, posted at Fluffy Flowers.

History and Religion

Elementaryhistoryteacher presents Silas Swallow and Hannibal Hamlin, among 13 Unusual Names From U.S. Elections, posted at History Is Elementary, and in The Beatitudes in Two Views, posted at Got Bible? , she compares and contrasts the words of Jesus in The Sermon on the Mount with more worldly attitudes that be.

Interview With Novelist

John Ottinger, posting at Grasping For The Wind, presents Blood is Deeper than Water: An Interview with Pamela Freeman, Austrailian writer of children's fiction, in anticipation of the release of her first novel for adults.

Politics and Other Laughing Matters

John presents If I Were a Reporter in DeKalb on Tuesday, Police and Parks Would Be My Focus, excellent advice posted at Dunwoody North Civic Association and bringing attention to Police Officers Anonymous blog by police officers themselves.

Presidential politics weighs heavy at Paw Paw Bill. I posted Almost-Presidents Day a while back, about Aaron Burr, who came within one vote of becoming President of the United States, then shot and killed the man he blamed for his loss. Somehow it seems even more worth remembering this week. There may not be any way Hillary Clinton can win the election, but she certainly is scoring points towards the Tonya Harding gold medal for charm and sportsmanship, and if we can not learn from history, I feel like I need a good laugh. I found a couple in another old posting, Warning: Read at Your Own Risk. Maybe you could use a laugh, too.

That concludes this edition. Please permit me a final indulgence of saying how awed I am by the quality of these blogs, the writing, the imagination, and the heart.
To sign up to host the carnival, e-mail Elementary History Teacher at . Posts to the carnival also can be submitted to or use this official form. The next carnival will be over at Georgia on My Mind again on April 11. Submissions will be due on the 10th.

Thanks to EHT (ElementaryHistoryTeacher), the force behind the Georgia Blog Carnival. Please visit her blogs:


EHT said...

A most excellent effort Paw Paw Bill! I appreciate your hosting our Georgia Carnival, and all the hassels that went along with it over the last few days...wink, wink :)

Felicia said...

Groovy. Glad to hear you got your computer issues resolved :)

WillThink4Wine said...

Thank goodness you have a family computer guru. I have to struggle and sprout more gray hairs. If it's critical, as it was last week for me, it goes to the computer geek store for repair!

I'm also not a fan of anonymous. I find it rather cowardly, much like ringing someone's doorbell and running away before they open the door.

Tina said...

Hey, ya did good ! And who ever thought you wouldn't?
Thanks for including a link to my Flickr photos. That was nice indeed.


Thanks for hosting this week's carnival. I find them quite interestng to read, and often find a blog to add to my RSS feeds.

I'm sure it takes a great deal of effort.

And thanks to EHT for keeping the carnivals going.



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