Friday, October 24, 2008

Favorite Five, Top Ten, or Dime a Dozen

I have moved some of the blog furniture around, trying to clear out clutter, make things more comfortable. Blogger controls a lot of the format, and to their credit they launch ideas faster than I can keep up. I was thinking maybe a new reader might want to sample some Paw Paw Bill postings that have been around a while. My Blog Archive and Labels lists have become like staring at crowded book shelves. How would you pick, even if you were interested? So, I plan to add to the side bar a feature I could call "Favorite Five," "Top Ten," or "Dime a Dozen." If anyone still wants more after that, click away at the long lists.

I could just select my own favorites, rank each posting by its number of log-ins, or weigh comments and e-mails. I used all of those to create the list below. However, a new gadget from Blogger allows me to conduct a readers’ poll (see the top of the blog). Vote for as many as five of your favorites. Or just vote for one or two. Anything will help me cull down to a smaller sampler. Here are some reminders, in reverse chronological order from the most recent:

Get Over Myself. I try not to dwell on my deafness, but I know I have a few deaf readers, and I want share my progress.

Don't Bet On It. I do not gamble in Las Vegas or on Wall Street.

Heartbeat. Should the Vice President know spit?

Alpo On Sale. Lessons from The Depression.

Noel Petrin, 10/29/32 - 9/14/05. A personal memory that had big response from readers. I should have known better than to be surprised. Edgar Lee Masters did.

Only In Your Head. Barack Obama’s Dream Team.

Best Kept Secrets. Miss Universe enhanced beauty contest.

SUV Wars. After the elections, I plan to write more about alternative fuels.

Your Father's Oldsmobile. No matter how anybody votes, this is my favorite.

Rhymes with Burden. Why I admired Hamilton Jordan.

May I Play Through, Por Favor? Worker, be my guest.

Shiite from Shinola. Not-so-potent-tetes.

Fall of the House of Homer. Home Depot used to be a great store.

First Line. My Mother. My list.

Follow the Money to Iraq. Will the real excuse for this war please stand up?

Warning: Read At Your Own Risk. Silly is as silly does.

The Size Of The Fight In The Dog. Journalism 101: Anything about dogs will attract readership.

Bluebird On My Shoulder. Br’er Rabbit, Joel Chandler Harris, Walt Disney, and James Baskett.

Copyright 2008 by William C. Cotter


Tina said...

Hard to choose. I have enjoyed all of them.

luther said...

What if I want to vote for one that you did not list on your poll?

Paw Paw Bill said...

You mean, like when you vote for yourself in the general election, Mr. Write-In? Send me an e-mail.


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